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Meet this week’s Special Guests & Co Hosts.

Each guest has a unique message to share with the world, please meet them below.

Amir Meshel – Co Host

A 2nd generation investor, Amir witnessed renovation secrets at the age of 10 and by 16 immersed himself in developing an investor mindset.

Starting with $5k and the benefit of training in Financial Planning (RG146) at a “Big Four” Australian Bank, Amir invested in regional NSW, Tasmania and WA. After consecutive years of 6 figure incomes and extending into 7-figure profit from real estate, Amir became a Real Estate Agent. Now Amir works purely as a Buyer’s Agent, negotiating on behalf of the buyer.

Karen McDermott

Karen Weaver is an award-winning publisher, author, TEDx Speaker and advanced Law of Attraction practitioner.

Author of numerous books across many genres, Novels, Motivational, Children’s and Journals, she chooses to lead the way in her authorship generously sharing her philosophies through her writing. 

Karen is also a sought-after speaker who shares her knowledge and wisdom on building publishing empires, establishing yourself as a successful author-publisher, and book writing.

Having built a highly successful publishing business from scratch, signing major authors, writing over 30 books and establishing her own credible brand in the market, Karen has developed strategies and techniques based on tapping into the power of Knowing to create your dreams.

 Karen is a gifted teacher who inspires others to make magic happen in their lives through her 7 life principles that have been integral in her success. 

 When time and circumstance align, magic happens. 


Di Riddell

Di is passionate about Confidence and women having their voice heard.  Women have so much to offer – they have lived, lost, laughed cried and moved mountains yet often their voices are not heard.  Her gift is her ability to simply and graciously help women and guide them as they find their voice and enhance their confidence, speaking and spirit in their world.

Di is a heart-driven woman, dedicated to helping you to use your confident definitive voice to be the person you most want to be…  she shares freely of her personal journey and is an advocate about adoption having recently found and met the two  babies she gave up or adoption in the 60s

She is an award-winning speaker and communicator with over four decades of experience. She is also a self-published Author, MC, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Confidence Mentor, a member of Toastmasters and recipient of the coveted International Presidential Citation.

Vanessa Hall

Dr. Vanessa Gipson Hall is an Information Technology (IT) professional who loves every aspect of the technology field. She is Vice President of Technology Project Management PNC Bank and the owner of CrossRoads Information Technology Group (IT Group).

Dr. Hall’s educational background includes a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology, MBA and PhD in Information Technology Management. Her certifications include (PMP) Project Management Professional and (CSM) Certified Scrum Master. She also serves on the Advisory Board for David W. Carter High School’s Academy of Information Technology and the Dallas ISD Industry Leadership Council.

Dr. Hall’s professional memberships include PMI – Project Management Institute, SCRUM Alliance, National Society of Leadership, and NAFE – National Association of Female Executives. She served as a technology guest speaker for events such as the OHUG National Conference 2015 Women in Technology and Washington State Federal Way School District mentoring students and staff in the area of STEM. She is the author of “The Impact of Global IT Outsourcing on U.S. employee morale” and “The Inner Win – the Guide to Advancing in STEM”.  Her knowledge in the area technology has afforded her the opportunity to travel to Europe, India, and around the United States leading technology initiatives for financial corporations.

 Ilona Beutum & Cynthia Sacht

We are a mother and daughter and have recently published our bucket list novel Kismet which we began some 20 years ago…

We would like to share with your readers our experience of jointly writing a novel, the bonding, the sense of connection, the support and the ultimate sense of creativity in bringing the story to life .. it is our hope in these times to encourage others in the community to unite in this way – it a healthy and constructive venture …and it doesn’t have to take 20 years! 

Patrick Hromas

I am a visual artist who was born in Sydney in 1973, and grew up in Hunters Hill. I have been making art ever since I remember, drawing the Hunters Hill Post Office when I was 13, “built in 1891 as designed by the government architect, Walter Liberty Vernon, in Queen Anne Style”. I graduated from the Canberra School of Art, Australian National University, in 1996. I enjoyed an enriching experience as a student exchange recipient with Ecole Nationalé Superieur des Beaux Artes for five months in 1995/6. I suffered from a mental health problem after being hospitalised in Nîmes in the South of France. Now that I have largely overcome that health issue, I draw in pastels or conté, paint in oil colours and occasionally watercolours.

Leigh Megheart

Meg Heart is a pseudonym. She is a voice for those who are silenced.

The team at Meg Heart believe in the power of real stories to change the world. They support authors and story-tellers who want to  break their silence and protect their identity.

Powerful stories about real events wake us up and ignite a conversation. They spur us on to create a better society. They might reveal our worst, but they inspire us to reach for our best. Silence imprisons. Truth sets us free.

Tyler Ornstein

As the world’s FIRST and ONLY Organic Acid-Free Coffee, Tylers Coffees® is able to provide a healthier option and solution for the more than 100 million individuals who have sensitive stomachs or who suffer from acid-related modalities. Tannic and Lipid acids are the cause of the bitter bite, upset stomach, aftertaste, and tooth enamel damage. Aside from these pesky side effects, these acids can form and aid in the development, or flare up of Interstitial Cystitis (IC), Overactive Bladder (OAB), Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Crohn’s Disease, or Colitis. 

Since our roasting and decaffeinating process is completely all natural, we are able to produce a product that is not only superior in quality but one that also yields the healthiest coffee for you. Additionally our roasting process is computerized and carefully monitored, so we are able to ensure that each batch is consistent and that the results will be the same; EVERY TIME. This means that our customers are able to expect the highest quality from us – and consistency – whether they are buying their first bag or their 50th. 

Tyler has seen a massive amount of growth since 2006. This year alone he has been featured in Forbes magazine twice, is starting his own podcast launching in July, and is even working on a book that is being released soon. While his company continues to expand and see more and more success.



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