Hey, There!
I’m Toni.

International Radio and TV host, bestselling co-author, author, speaker and visionary, Toni Lontis quietly entered the entrepreneurial world in 2019, post-publication of her memoir, Resilience.  

After 35years in nursing, from clinical practice to running her own nurse consultancy company, Toni wanted to write a book. She wanted to talk about what it takes to heal from dysfunction and trauma in her own life to create a heart-centered impact and help heal others.  

With the publication of the book, came the audio book production and Toni was introduced to the power of the spoken word.   A “chance” conversation led to a meeting with an American Media company and Radio Toni was born. 

From these humble beginnings grew a love of interviewing businesses and people, about life, business, and the universe. Her intuitive interview style has taken the world by storm. 

Toni now has multiple live streaming TV shows and a series of co-hosted business shows, on different platforms, based in the US and broadcasting to the world. Toni is launching her own TV Network and actively looking for Channel partners to showcase their message to the world in 2022.

Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Toni’s Story

Her creative writing journey did not commence until 2018 with her first book, Resilience. A memoir that details her struggle with depression, anxiety and trauma in her life and how she overcomes this to lead a healthy, happy fulfilling life. She is passionate about self-awareness, self-improvement and being the best person, she can be.

Her second book, when it’s written, Whole Again, details the strategies she used to ensure her own healing and personal growth. Her deep desire to inspire people with her story of struggle and overcoming trauma and sees her speaking around the country and overseas.

When she’s not writing you can find her talking to her beloved goats, laughing with her husband or enjoying time with her wee grandson. An avid gardener and small farm hobbyist, her next book will be on the joys of owning goats and small-scale hobby farm self-sustainability.

A writer by day and an avid Facebook scanner by night, she is loath to discuss herself in the third person but can be persuaded to do so from time to time.