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Staying Hopeful

Your brain is hardwired to hone in on negativity and fear. While that might not make much sense now, it does for our ancestors. They needed to survive, and the only way for the species to last was to be proactive about danger. Unfortunately for you (and me), our primal instincts refuse to leave.We are all guilty of negativity bias, it...

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Are You Ready to Set Yourself Free from Your Baggage?

  Shannon was raised by a mother who constantly put her down. Growing up, she was told she was stupid, lazy, and worthless. She internalized these words and accepted them as truth. As a result, she dealt with poor self-esteem for most of her adult life. She dealt with the pain by moving from one romantic relationship to the next. She kept waiting...

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What is Hope and Why Does it Matter?

Hope is one of those things that people don’t always understand well, though oddly enough, we all need it to live a happy, healthy life. After all, hope is what helps you see your situation and then shows you the way out.   What is hope?   According to the dictionary, hope is “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.”...

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