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Staying Hopeful

Your brain is hardwired to hone in on negativity and fear. While that might not make much sense now, it does for our ancestors. They needed to survive, and the only way for the species to last was to be proactive about danger. Unfortunately for you (and me), our primal instincts refuse to leave.We are all guilty of negativity bias, it...

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5 Ways to Calm

5 Creative Ways to Calm a Chaotic Mind   Do you ever feel like you can’t escape your mind? Maybe it’s always spinning out of control, or perhaps you have a lot of thoughts. A lot of people experience chaos in their own minds, and this can make things difficult when you’re trying to work toward your goals. The next time your mind...

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6 Ways to Calm Without Meditating

6 Ways to Build Calm into Your Day Without Meditating   In recent years, we’ve heard a lot about meditation. Words like “mindful” and “calm” have become the aspirations of many, but in reality, how easy is it to achieve? It depends on the person, so we won’t bore you with a rationale on why meditation is important. Instead, let’s try to brainstorm...

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