Toni TV 55 Min Interview




Please pay for your 55 minute, Toni TV interview here.

Once payment is received you’ll receive an email with the next steps.

To cover the administration and running cost of the live streaming show. Your contribution option is below. Each interview receives the allocated time frame plus. Please note a very small amount of your allocated time will be to prep you for your interview and technical assistance before the show. (less than 5 minutes)

  • Multiple social media posts to an audience of approximately 500K across, Facebook Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitch.
  • Distribution of the live show and redistribution of the recorded show as a podcast and YouTube video; (2 bites of the apple in one show)
  • Links to all the relevant channels where your interview is hosted. ie: Spotify, Iheart Radio. iTunes, apple, listen notes, etc.
  • Live-streamed on socials plus hundreds of live stream platforms across the world.
  • Plus mp3/mp4 files to download of your interview and repurpose and use for your ongoing promotion and marketing.
  • A headline feature on Radio Toni website and BBSRadioTV website with over 2 million visits per month
  • Leveraged organic reach across all platforms where Radio Toni is hosted. ie: Spotify, Itunes, Iheart Radio.
  • Current audience statistics range between 50000k – 100000k live audience only – additional audiences across social media, podcast platforms of up to 1 million
  • Live shows are conducted via Zoom from anywhere in the world to our broadcast station in San Francisco.
  • Uploaded to Binge TV Networks with a potential of 210 million viewers
  • Toni TV channel app on ROKU, LG and Samsung (100 million people)
  • All done and organized for you!

WE will contact you with times and dates for the live shows, based on availability. All interviews are conducted via zoom. Shows are live, with a live audience and at a SET time each week. 

Results include an author who experienced:

– a 47% increase in website traffic in the 24hrs post-show;

– a 33% increase in email subscribers;

– a 14% increase over normal sales in the 24hrs post-show;

Results may vary and are not guaranteed.



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