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Toni’s story is inspirational from a troubled childhood to tumultuous early adulthood.

Through miscarriage, divorce, supporting her daughter through the judicial system to the enjoyment of happiness she has found in her life.   A survivor of domestic violence and trauma throughout her life, Toni’s story will have you on the edge of your seat as she inspires you to overcome adversity.

Since writing her book first book “Resilience” she has also been invited to speak at events both here and overseas. Her life epitomises resilience and speaking on it is her passion.

Looking for an empowering and inspiring speaker to transform your audience book Toni Lontis for your next event.

“Toni’ s story is mind-blowing and her delivery heart felt. Everyone can learn from her kindness and wisdom”

Toni is an author, writer, novice blogger and  business owner. She is a wife, mother and grandmother. Through her diverse skill set and background she ensures she connects with her audience to keep them captivated and inspired.  Toni is determined to make a difference and is passionately able to speak on any of the following topics.

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