We can all agree that lately the world looks and feels different and no doubt since January 2020, when we entered into orbitual spin, like a planet around the Sun.

We might believe that we are individuals on our own but in reality, are spinning collectively in a circle, like a celestial body, gravitating toward something brighter, better and reminiscent on some old pre-covid times.

Talking from my point of view and from my own experiences I noticed how the world is changing, our mood is changing, we have become distant from each other, yet we are spinning in circles with each other.

As we are circling, we are facing our own inner demons, or better to say I am starting to face my own ones.

It doesn’t happen often but mostly when I am on an airplane and flying on a long-distance flight, alone with my thoughts.

Question for you – do you believe that Inner Demons are real?

And no, you or I don’t need an exorcist. Instead, we need to acknowledge that our own inner demons are real and they are with us for as long as we need them.

Or are we just figurately using that word to describe our own bad deeds, unhappiness, or fear of retribution by life?

Do you know that quote “Truth exists, only lies are invented”?!

The same goes for our demons, they are real but what is not real is our constant denial and lying to ourselves how demons do not exist like in my example.

So, what are or who are those inner demons?

Inner demons are based on criticisms, self-doubt and negative patterns. They can be the things we tell ourselves that aren’t necessarily real. It could be something someone said when we were a child, a negative remark from an old boss or a put down from a friend.

My demons are straight forward, I know I am struggling with weight loss and only I admit it to myself in moments of unhappiness, sadness and seeing myself in the mirror.

I can admit the reasons why I didn’t achieve weight loss, while lying to myself when in public and when surrounded with other people, I find thousands of reasons why I didn’t lose weight.

Some other inner demons are those related to my goals, and those inner demons are bad.

Bad because I should be aware of the fact that I have done a lot but then self-doubt and self-criticism hit me hard, and I should ignore them.

But how?

It is an external stimulus that activates our inner demons, either we have been told things, or we see other people better off than us, just to list a few.

Inner demons don’t go away. Particularly when I am on the plane, where my mind is unoccupied with nothing else except my demons.

That inner peace of mind is working, lurking, and attacking all lies, so in this instance, inner demons are the good guys, or perhaps they are the bad ones?

Either way, we all have self-doubts amplified by other people’s opinions and then we are inventing lies to feed our hurt self-ego.

But inner demons are real, I know. When far away from those I love, from being tucked into the security of my own home, and few people and then I realised, facing my own inner demons is good.

Why is that?

Because only when I am on my own, I can critique myself, seeing myself in the mirror, and hating the lies I am saying to myself when I am not on my own.

They are good because you can make a great life, business, family, or personal decisions.

I believe that each time those inner demons jump on me (with the moment when airplane doors are closed) I need to address them.

You must address your inner demons, no one else can, except you can continue to lie yourself about how everything is OK when it is not.

When those close to you adjust their angle and give you their critique and view on your life, look, etc.

Stop feeding yourself with lies because who cares if you can’t do this or that, like me losing weight, I know why I am stuck, cause I am eating the sweets of my kid at night and he is a diabetic.

Luckily we always have those extra hidden sweets because of me but I addressed those inner demons, I must and can’t feed my alter ego and lie to myself how things are good.


The truth is, inner demons are real. It doesn’t matter if you see them as good or bad. Deal with them, be your own critique and don’t wait for others to put you into self-doubt.

No one can believe in me except me. No one else can lose weight for me except me.

Talk to your inner demons and fight instead of inventing lies about how everything is OK.

And remember you owe no one an apology or explanation, it is your life and your self-worth is more important than triggers of your inner demons.

This post was originally posted & written by Mario Bekes on his website.