Before the incredible milestones, often comes the inevitable procrastination. Another way to look at it is, that procrastination is a softened-up version of fear. I have no doubt that you are one almighty powerhouse, who knows what she wants deep down. You are someone who knows their niche, has a backstory to tell, and a brand vision that matters.

But it’s not easy taking that fear, or procrastination, over the line.

As an empowerment coach, I meet all walks of life. It’s a part of my job, in fact, let’s say passion, that fuels my fire. When I meet fellow entrepreneurs, I immediately identify with the barrage of questions that comes with launching a new business.

  • Am I good enough?
  • Will my product sell?
  • Do I have what it takes to be a stand-out success?

If you didn’t ask these questions and more, I would ask, why not?

Procrastination is a dangerous destroyer of life, hopes, and dreams.

Too many people live with potential wealth but lower income, giving in before giving back and folding in the towel to a wonderful life because they have procrastinated on the things that could have moved them forward.

It’s highly likely that a habit of procrastination also looks different from one person to the next. It could be sitting on a social media post, publishing a blog, sending a newsletter, or launching a community (that I bet, really needs you at the helm). Your rituals of a ‘maybe later’ attitude, delay the big steps, from a day to a year.

We all have done it. Doing it.

The magic happens when we choose to step outside of our comfort zone. Safety is nice. Safety is a regular mealtime, a steady wage, and a set of friends you trust. But when it comes to business and dream building, despite our need to calculate risk, we will never know until we take the plunge.

I am not here to coax you into a premature decision, however, I am here to say that being your biggest (and at times uncomfortable cheerleader) is not a natural process for many of us. But nor is sitting in the wings, waiting for the ‘right moment’ helpful either.


  • Because procrastination is like a deadweight to your potential.
  • I know you have a great business, but you may not have the toolkit.
  • I know your brand can be a business when it stops being a hobby.
  • I know that your income can triple when you invest in yourself first.

Really, if you don’t put the time and money into yourself, why would anyone else? They need to reflect your value, buy into your vision, and trust that you know it works.

Of course, this advice just skims the surface of what I genuinely know works. But I wouldn’t be an authentic leader if I didn’t point out the fears that have held me back too.

Perhaps today, say yes, instead of maybe. Perhaps today, send an email that could change your life.

And perhaps today, join me on a journey that can take a ‘perhaps’ into a purpose-driven, passion-filled, and kick-ass ‘YES’.


This powerful information first appeared on our amazing new Co-host Annie Gibbins’s website. You can learn more about what a powerhouse she is here.