6 Ways to Build Calm into Your Day Without Meditating


In recent years, we’ve heard a lot about meditation. Words like “mindful” and “calm” have become the aspirations of many, but in reality, how easy is it to achieve? It depends on the person, so we won’t bore you with a rationale on why meditation is important. Instead, let’s try to brainstorm new ways to build calm into your day without meditating:


1. Get Comfortable with your Thoughts

Allow yourself to think rather than try to control them. Controlling them is pretty unlikely anyway. That would be like trying to change the way your eyes look or how long your legs are. The aim is to observe them without judgment. You can’t manipulate the natural thought process that exists in your mind. Instead, remind yourself that they are just thoughts. They aren’t necessarily true. A negative thought has the same weight as a positive one because all thoughts are ideas floating around. So just let it be!

2.  Live by a Mantra

Have you ever heard a quote or proverb that really stuck with you? Try to apply it to your life. Perhaps it is, “Change is the only constant” or maybe it’s something like, “You are not your thoughts.” Whatever it is that helps you connect with yourself and the present moment!

3. Breathe Without Trying

In meditation, we are taught to connect with the breath. Often times, this leads us to breathing exercises, like counting or holding the breath. Instead of that, try to just listen to your own breath or silently observe it. There’s no pressure here, just breathe and observe.


4.  Be Thankful

Gratitude is another practice that has been on the rise in recent years, and it’s an easy one to do! At some point in your day, take some time to think about the things you’re grateful for. Some days may have a longer list than others, but you will always find at least one thing!


5.  Smile

It’s incredible how far a simple smile will go. It helps us connect to a moment of gratitude — even more, it helps us connect to a moment.


6.  Go for a Walk

Walks help us clear the mind and get a change of scenery. In a way, it’s a form of meditation. Try to turn off the music and put your phone away while you escape into nature for a bit and enjoy the zeal of moving your body.