Ease and Grace


5 Tips for Building Inner Peace into your Workday

Stress is inevitable, but work stress? That’s something everyone can learn to manage. It takes time and practice, though. No one expects you to handle tension flawlessly. That’s why you turn to people who have dealt with it before — so we’ve compiled a list of five tips to help you build inner peace into your workday.


  1. Block your Calendar 

Let’s face it — most people don’t love planning. Sure, some people enjoy it, but for the most part, planning sounds like a pain in the neck. That’s why you may want to make it a little more automatic. Try blocking out chunks of time in your calendar so that you’re knocking out everything on your to-do list. Then, when you have to move something around, just move your time block to a later hour in the day. Knowing you have a system in place to deal with unexpected events will aid you in developing the ease and grace we all want more of in our lives.


  1. Start Saying “No”

A lot of leaders and seasoned professionals have mastered the art of saying no. The reason why? It’s the only way you’ll get things done and work efficiently. If you answer yes to everything, you’ll find yourself swamped in work — always. When someone makes a request, think about the ask upfront. Ask yourself if it’s feasible. If yes, go for it. If it isn’t, tell them you don’t think you can handle it or that you’ll need more time.


  1. Get Up and Move Around 

Simple enough, right? Whenever you feel yourself getting antsy, get up and walk to a new area of the office for a change of scenery.


  1. Block Out Negativity 

While you’re blocking your time, try blocking out negativity. Offices can get a little negative from time to time, whether it’s typical to work drama or its company-wide stress that has people down in the dumps. But for your sake (and the sake of your performance), make sure you block out anything that isn’t constructive.


  1. Become Friends with your Coworkers 

Blocking out negativity is a lot better when you don’t have to do it! While you’re working hard, make time to get to know your coworkers. Ask how their day is going or what they’re having for lunch. Even a simple smile goes a long way. Having friends at work gives you something to look forward to — after all, you spend a lot of time with them!