4 Methods to Become a Calm Person No Matter What’s Going on Around You

Some people are inherently calm. Others have to work toward it their entire lives. No matter where you come from or what kind of person you are, attaining calmness is possible. The hardest part? Cutting through the noise around you. On our own, it’s not too difficult to be calm. It’s the stressors that come from the world around us that can impact how peaceful we are. If you’re looking to find your inner peace no matter what’s going on around you, try these five methods.


  1. Find Peace Through Music

Take your mind to another place (a calmer, more peaceful place) with music. You can choose your favourite genre of music, or you can experiment with easy listening to calm your mind. Whatever it is that you choose, the most important thing is that you find your peace with it.


  1. Find a Setting that Makes You Happy 

Working on repeat can take a toll on your mind, so make sure you take time to remove yourself from your typical work environment and swap it for a new, fun setting. For some people, it’s the beach. For others, it’s the library. Making that time for yourself is a commitment to yourself that you care about becoming calmer and happier.


  1. Cut the Clutter 

No matter what’s going on at work or in the world, your home should always bring you a sense of joy, peace, and comfort. If you have clutter everywhere, is that bringing you comfort? Calm? Or joy? Probably not! Take some time to give your living space a spring cleaning — you’ll thank yourself later.

  1. Indulge in Self-Care 

Caring for yourself is the best thing you can do for your work ethic and motivation. If you’re always on the go and you neglect to care for yourself, you’ll see this reflected in your overall performance. Self-care is huge. A few ways to care for yourself? Take a bath, read a book, cook something fun, phone a friend. The options are endless!


One of the biggest struggles of hard workers is the fear that we are running out of time. This induces a state of panic and anxiety. It’s hard to stay calm when you always feel like you’re running out of time! If you ever find yourself conceding to this pressure, take a step back and remind yourself that there is still a lot of time in life. While it’s important to plan and make a schedule for your responsibilities, it’s not healthy if you’re letting it stress you out.