7 Steps to Calm Yourself

Simplicity of Proper Breathing Technique


You may have heard of the rise in the popularity of breathing techniques. Professionals, leaders, students, and many others are using breathing techniques to boost positivity and gain a sense of calm and clarity. It may sound simple, but it’s far from it. Learning how to be one with the breath takes practice. It’s like a skill or an art. Ready to try it? Start here.


  1. Get Comfortable

Meditating and practicing mindfulness begins and ends with comfort. Some venture to say the only requirement is getting comfortable — let the mind do the rest. You can sit, stand, or lay down. Then, relax your muscles.


  1. Start with Breathing Out 

Practice breathing out by imaging your stomach is deflated. Draw your belly button into your spine and imagine all the air is coming out. This air is old air. It is from moments ago, and it is no longer the present moment. So let go.


  1. Feel Your Stomach 

It may sound weird, but to get into it, feel your stomach. Put your hand on it, and feel it collapse as you exhale. Breathe out for three seconds. Since we are unaccustomed to breathing correctly, with our diaphragm, it’s helpful to feel your stomach moving up and down. That way, you know you are getting all the benefits.


  1. Breathe In 

After finishing your exhale, it’s time to breathe in. Take new air in through your nose, and feel it as it makes your way through your body. Breathe in for three seconds. It will fill your lungs, and you’ll feel your stomach expand.


  1. Breathe Out Longer 

Now, try breathing out a little longer. This time when you exhale, breathe out for five seconds — breathe out through your mouth. Feel your body empty all of the old air.


  1. Breathe in Longer 

The next time you take a breath (or whenever it feels right), breathe in for a little longer. Try breathing in through your nose for 5-7 seconds this time. Feel the cold air on your nostrils and the calm it brings to your body.

     7. Take It to your Mind 

Once you get the hang of this type of mindful breathing, think about what it’s doing to your mind. Realize the calm it’s bringing you, the invigoration it’s instilling in your body, and the change of old and welcoming of new.


It may not feel 100% comfortable at first, but after a few sessions of mindful breathing, you’ll begin to feel its impact. Good job!