“Every event in life can be causing only one of two things. Either it is good for you, or it’s bringing up what you need to look at in order to create good for you.” Deepak Chopra

No one wants to go through transitions, but we all will. Things must change if we want to grow and evolve as human beings. We are here to learn what lessons we need to reach our full potential and live our best life. Sometimes its not all fun and games, but if we desire to be our best selves, we can learn important lessons. These lessons once learned pave the way for the moving forward of our lives and help us move through tough times.

What is really important

When things are status quo, we believe the big, external things in life are what matter. What kind of car we drive, what our job title is and how much money we have in the bank are all that seem to matter during our normal daily lives. But when “tragedy” strikes and we lose something of true value, it helps us reassess what is really important in life. We shift our thinking and start spending time with those people and doing those things that make us really happy. 

That fear doesn’t need to hold you back

Often, we feel we have too much to lose to take a big risk and change something we desire to be different. But when it all falls apart, no matter how we try to keep it together, our greatest fears come true. We see that we really have much less to lose than we thought and that being delightfully happy is worth the risk. We can stop letting fear hold us back and take a plunge into what we’ve always really wanted.

Letting go of stuff is freeing

We hang onto stuff like it’s a life raft. It can be material things, people or situations that deep down we know is no longer making us happy, but we are scared to let it go. When Life forces our hand and we lose what we thought we couldn’t live without, we can finally feel free. Free from holding on so tightly that we focus all of our energy on holding on instead of re-evaluating if we really want it in the first place. 

You don’t have to be perfect

We spend so much energy trying to be perfect every day of our lives. We beat ourselves up over the tiniest little flaw or mistake. All this struggling is exhausting! And ultimately, the best we can do is to pretend that everything is perfect in our world because we are never going to get to a stage where everything is perfect. When you share your experiences with others whom you trust, you will start to see their masks come down. You will hear about how imperfect their lives are, and yet see that they are still happy.